Carbon Neutrality – Why your business should be Carbon Neutral

Carbon pricing has been implemented or is scheduled for implementation in 39 national and 23 subnational jurisdictions.

Not only should you inform yourself of what the Carbon Market really is but to be a front runner in the race learn more about the benefits and opportunities a Carbon Neutral Position presents.


Brand Awareness & Leadership Position

Gain an edge over your competitors by being recognised in the community as a business that is forging the path towards Carbon Neutrality and taking the role as an Industry Leader.


Supply Chain Position

Be the ‘go to’ for other likeminded businesses in your supply chain. Forge allegiances and alliances that are beneficial for your bottom line and the planet. Many companies insist on or prioritise their suppliers based on carbon neutrality.



Give your clients, shareholders and stakeholders the knowledge and peace of mind that you are doing your best to meet obligations and/ or voluntarily change your practices to ensure your business is running more efficiently.


Bottom Line Profit

The exercise of reviewing and internally reducing your Carbon Footprint results in cost reductions that will have a positive impact your financial position.


Commercial Opportunity

There are business opportunities that exist right now that you can embrace and maximise. CTX can advise you on profit potential related to your sector.