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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join CTX?

  1. Complete an online application at ctxglobal.net
  2. Email operations@ctxglobal.com with two KYC documents: a copy of the Main Account Holder’s photographic ID(a passport or driver’s licence), and; a letter (or copy) from your Bank that confirms the Banking Details listed onyour application.
  3. CTX will review your application.
  4. Successful applicants receive a countersigned copy of the CTX Trading Agreement and a Welcome Lettercontaining their CTX access code.

Who do I contact to discuss joining CTX?

Please send your questions to operations@ctxglobal.com.

Does it cost to join CTX?

No. Annual membership is free!

How much does it cost to buy Carbon Credits?

Buyers pay the price they see. There is no transaction fee for Buying on CTX.

Can my organisation Offset its Carbon Footprint with CTX?

Yes! CTX is free to join and free to buy.
Please contact our Sales & Trading team who will show you how to Offset your organisation’s Carbon Footprint by purchasing United Nations certified certificates.

Can I offset my personal Carbon Footprint with CTX?

Yes! Use our Carbon Widget on the homepage to offset your travel, energy use, events and much more.

What Carbon Credits can I buy on CTX?

Any member can buy UNFCCC CERs for Voluntary Cancellation. CERs bought through CTX can be used to Offset your Carbon Footprint. All CERs are cancelled on the UNFCCC Climate Neutral Now website, here:

Members with a Gold Standard registry account can buy (and sell) Gold Standard VERs. These are immediately transferred to your registry account to be Retired or Sold.

Can I buy Verified Carbon Standard VCUs on CTX?

Please contact sales@ctxglobal.com if you would like to Buy or Sell VCUs. Our Brokerage team is working with a global network of Buyers and Sellers.

CTX has also traded millions of VCUs (or VCS VERs), however, they are not currently available on the Exchange.

What are registries?

Registries provide the infrastructure required to issue, trace, transfer and retire carbon credits. They provide attestation of ownership that prevents against double-counting.

Which registries are connected to CTX?

CTX works with two registry providers – the United Nations and the Gold Standard– in order to support trading on its platform.

To purchase United Nations CERs for Voluntary Cancellation you do not require a registry account.

To trade Gold Standard VERs you will require a Gold Standard registry account. Further details, including how to apply, can be found at the Markit website.

How does CTX work?

You can read our rules and trading guide by checking out our resources page.

If you’d like to hear more about the exchange or to see it in action, check out our media centre by clicking here.

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