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How to list Gold Standard VERs for sale

1) Visit ctxglobal.net to begin an application
2) Enter company information
3) Enter Gold Standard registry account details
  • If you haven’t, please contact operations@ctxglobal.com for more details
  • If you have, please ensure your registry details are up-to-date (see below)
4) Do NOT upload any Know Your Customer documents
5) Once you have finished the application, please email operations@ctxglobal.com with the following documents:
  • A Bank Statement less than 3 months old that confirms the Designated Banking Details listed on your Application
  • Photo ID (passport or driver’s licence) for the Authorised Representative listed on your Application
6) CTX Admin will verify your documents and registry account details
7) CTX Admin will authorise your account and the Authorised Representative will be sent the following documents:
  • Quick start trading guide
  • Signed copy of your trading agreement
  • Welcome letter
8) To list your credits, please login to Markit and transfer lots to GSF CTX Account ID: 103000000002668
  • Your credits are then ‘frozen’
  • You retain ownership
9) Send an email to transactions@goldstandard.org that provides the following information on your listing request:
  • Project Name:
  • Project Type:
  • Quantity of Credits:
  • Whole/Partial Sell:
  • Offer Price:
  • Currency (EUR/GBP/AUD/USD):
  • CTX Registered Email Address:
10) Your VERs will be available for sale