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How to List and Sell CERs for Voluntary Offset Cancellation

Carbon Trade eXchange (CTX) has begun listing UNFCCC Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) certified emission reduction (CER) credits on its global voluntary exchange. Engaged with a global audience for almost a decade in the fight against climate change, CTX encourages and facilitates the purchase and retirement by businesses and brokers of carbon offsets from many hundreds of projects worldwide.

Here is how your list your CERs for Sale:

1) Join Carbon Trade Exchange at www.ctxglobal.net
2) Email your KYC documents to operations@ctxglobal.com

a) A copy of Personal Identification for the Main Account Holder (Passport or Drivers Licence)
b) A copy of a Bank Statement that confirms the Designated Banking Details provided on your CTX application (must be less than 3 months old)

3) Email CER Project Details to the CDM@ctxglobal.com

a) CDM project number
b) CDM project name
c) Name of focal point entity (Company Name)
d) Name of focal point representative (Individuals Name)
e) Volume of CERs
f) Desired price per unit (in US Dollars)

4) CTX Administrator signs and returns Annex 1 form to authorize Listing of your CERs on Exchange
5) Sign and send Annex 1 form to CDM-Registry@unfccc.int
6) Project Focal Point Representative (FP Rep.) submits electronic forwarding request for their CERs to be forwarded to:

a) Project Participant: CDM-CTX-Reserve account (MU)
b) Account Number: CDM 2919
c) Account Type: 100

7) Once electronic request has been submitted, a signed and scanned copy should be emailed to CDM-Registry@unfccc.int

a) Please include Project # in email subject line
b) Please send email from account of FP Rep.

8) CDM Registry team will confirm your listing on CTX