Carbon Credit Investment opportunity – ITMO Auction

Latest news! Minimum bid now only 1 Lot of 25,000 credits

  Auction to take place from the 16th July to the 23rd July 2024

CTX has opened the Auction up to Corporate or larger Sophisticated Investors to directly invest into the Highest Quality Carbon Credits, with a significant potential upside, given the international scarcity of one of the planets most important ‘assets’*.

Carbon Credits authorized and certified as ITMOs are more valuable than Voluntary credits, and Gold Standard is the premium Brand for both.

ITMOs can be used in the future by Developed Nations (Governments, Airlines or other major corporations) to support these Nations to meet the UNFCCC Paris Agreement NDC emissions reduction obligations.

Most nations with these obligations are well behind their targets and in some cases like the UK, USA and Australia, getting further behind meaning that demand for ITMO ‘offsets’ must increase exponentially. Various Reports put the annual value of the market by 2030 to be between $200 Billion (IETA) and $4Trillion (Shell) per year, with prices expected to reach $100+ per ton by 2030**.  

Despite the Paris Agreement being signed in 2015, Article 6 (carbon trading) wasn’t agreed until COP26 in Glasgow, so ITMOs can only be issued for 2021 and beyond and require the Host Country (of the physical Project) to give written Authorization for those credits to leave its NDC and be used as a Corresponding Adjustment in a buy side nations NDC.

Despite many (paid) advisors’ statements, a Bi-Lateral Agreement between the Host Nation and the Buyer nation is not necessary and dozens of these have been signed with little or no transactions being completed.

The Climate Finance from the sale of these credits supports important benefits to the least developed nations and are originated from fully operational certified projects for emission reductions already proven each year, and these credits do not ‘expire’, so can be re-sold then cancelled later – as an Offset for a Nations NDC and/or a Voluntary or Airline emission reduction.

The CTX ITMO Auction is for already issued ITMOs (SPOT delivery), with full details of the project and ALL its documents available for buyers prior to the Auction. 

*CTX has designed all the necessary business structure to have the Auctioned ITMO Credits once sold, to be held securely under escrow for future resale on CTX or any other method – or of course transferred to the buyers Registry account (immediately or later).

** CTX does not give investment advice or guarantee future prices on whether the price of Carbon could go up or down. This is only open to Corporate or Highly Sophisticated Investors, who are obliged to make their own investigations or take independent advice.