The Aviation Carbon Exchange

As part of the Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX) group, ACE is a transparent, simple, secure and easy to use T+0 exchange trading environment. Membership is free for airlines with no fees to purchase offsets (subject to minimum volumes*).

ACE/CTX has access to over 4.5 Million CORSIA eligible offsets as of September 2020 across CDM CER’sGold Standard and Verra (VCS) credit standards and many more millions of voluntary offsets for Airlines and/or client offset programs.

Financial settlement is done via Westpac Banking Corporation – a Moody´s A1 rated Australian bank with a market capitalisation of over $ AUD 65 billion. CTX first interfaced with Westpac in 2010 and has traded over 100 million tons of CO2 offsets during the past 12 years.

The ACE concept was designed by the CTX parent company Global Environmental Markets (GEM) and first presented to the industry body at COP21 in Paris. It was then presented to the entire Aviation sector at the Aviation Carbon conference in London in 2017 and again in 2019. The ACE/CTX platform serves as a centralised exchange marketplace for CORSIA eligible offsets and non-CORSIA emission units and provides a secure and proven platform for airlines to access real-time data with full price transparency.

To register, simply login via the button below and complete your online application form with the discount code ACE-CTX: Once your application has been approved by our compliance department, we will welcome you to trade with us.

If you have any queries or would like to ask the CTX Team a question, please email us on and we will assist you as soon as we can.

CTX & IBAC – Business Aviation Commitment on Climate Change

As more and more business aviation clients, companies and operators are becoming mindful of their climate impact related to aviation activity, Carbon Trade Exchange are proud to support the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) in their journey to achieve carbon neutral growth. CTX will work alongside IBAC to deliver simple and transparent solutions to mitigate and reduce the industry’s carbon emissions, offering industry-leading carbon offsetting for all business aviation participants. 

As the global representative of the business aviation industry, along with its national and regional members around the world, IBAC is committed to leading a shared vision and delivering a roadmap for reducing the sector’s carbon emissions.  Carbon-neutral growth in the near and medium term is a sustainability goal that is paramount in ensuring the sector’s licence to operate and its continued ability to provide its economic and societal benefits.

Thanks to the partnership formed between CTX and IBAC, all operators with a code IBAC21 will receive a 20% discount on initial CTX membership fees and access to the most liquid, transparent and cost-effective global marketplace for carbon offsets.


About IBAC

The International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) published the Business Aviation Commitment on Climate Change in 2009. GAMA and IBAC are strongly committed to achieving our targets in improving efficiency and to mitigating our industry’s impact on the environment.

This commitment sets a pathway towards business aviation reducing its overall impact on the planet, through four key mechanisms:

  • Technology.
  • Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).
  • Operations and Infrastructure; and
  • Market-Based Measures (MBMs) – Carbon Offsetting with CTX

Enabling the business aviation industry to meet the mid-term goal of Carbon-Neutral Growth (CNG) requires immediate action and sponsoring carbon reductions or avoidance made elsewhere (offsetting), allows the sector to close the gap between current actual emissions and the level at which it seeks to cap emissions until other tools allow the industry to reduce its emissions below the CNG level.


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A way to reduce unavoidable emissions by funding emissions reductions in a different location.

Offsetting allows us to mitigate the environmental impact of business and personal activates by providing a source of finance for carbon reduction projects, creating real and additional CO2 reductions. An offset can be achieved by purchasing and cancelling carbon credit with 1 carbon credit represents 1 tonne of CO2e reduction.


When IBAC Members purchase and offset on CTX they are directly providing the essential financial support that keeps environmental projects operational, positively affecting the effects of climate change by helping to reduce or avoid GHG emissions.  They also voluntarily contribute to progress toward the BACCC goal of Carbon Neutral Growth.

Offsetting emissions through Carbon Trade Exchange is easy, secure and transparent. Once the operator knows its carbon footprint it takes only a few minutes to purchase carbon credits. CTX Team performs all the necessary administration work providing operators with the appropriate offsetting certificate.

CTX uses a unique online Exchange to connect members to offsets from climate projects that are certified under the world’s three leading carbon credit standards:


  • Gold Standard
  • Verra
  • United Nations Clean Development Mechanism


Unlike other carbon credit brokers, CTX charge a transparent, fixed transaction fee on each credit purchased so you know exactly where your money is going. CTX as an exchange works directly with project developers offering the prices at the wholesale rate. There is no intermediaries between CTX and Project Developers. In fact, while offsetting your carbon footprint on CTX you can be sure that 95% of your money go directly to Project Developers.

Carbon credits finance a myriad of different environmental projects worldwide, including renewable energy; waste management; forestry and agriculture; biofuels; energy and fuels technologies; biodiversity protection; sustainable development; and ecosystem protections.

Fundamental fuel monitoring, a best practice in any case, will allow you to calculate how many offsets will be required to achieve your carbon neutrality goals.  As a baseline measurement, for each unit of aviation fuel used, 3.16 units of CO2 are created.


Depending on your goals, it is entirely up to the purchaser how much of their CO2 output they would like to voluntarily offset and the table below provides a general understanding of the degree to which your operations may be covered.