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Why join Carbon Trade Exchange? 


Carbon Trade Exchange is the World’s first electronic Exchange for trading voluntary carbon credits (or offsets).

The whole world is talking about carbon offsetting, but very few people understand how offsets are traded or what they should cost.

Carbon Trade Exchange simplifies the process of Buying and Selling carbon offsets by providing the only liquid, transparent, secure marketplace in the voluntary carbon market.

Carbon Trade Exchange always offers the lowest transaction fees in the carbon market.  Email to find out more.



Features and Benefits


  • Over 10 years of trading
  • Operates globally – 24/7/365 from any internet connected device
  • Guaranteed delivery of credits and proceeds of sale
  • Continuous trading contract – means ZERO paperwork
  • Access to buy or sell credits from all major credit standards and methodologies
  • Zero counterparty risk for buyers AND sellers
  • Wholesale trading prices and transparent commission rates

Carbon Trade Exchange is (by far) the most liquid, transparent and cost-effective global marketplace for carbon offsets.



Frequently Asked Questions

How does Carbon Trade eXchange work?

Carbon Trade eXchange (CTX) is an online electronic spot eXchange, allowing buyers and sellers to trade cash for carbon offsets (or credits) in real time, 24/7, 365 days a year. CTX brings transparency, liquidity and market access to global carbon markets.

You can read our rules and trading guide.

If you’d like to hear more about the eXchange or receive a personalized live demo, please visit  our media centre by clicking here.

If you have more questions, please contact

How can I sell Carbon Credits on Carbon Trade eXchange?

Carbon Trade eXchange welcomes any registered company that wishes to buy or sell carbon offsets registered under the Gold Standard, VERRA or United Nations CDM.

To join the eXchange, please follow these steps:

  1. Complete the online application here
  2. CTX will review your application: our Admin team may email you requesting a copy of photographic ID and a copy of a bank statement confirming the designated banking details provided .
  3. Successful applicants receive a countersigned copy of the CTX Trading Agreement and a Welcome Letter containing their CTX access code.

if you have further questions, please send them to

What does it cost to join Carbon Trade eXchange?

Membership is from USD $1250 per annum, with Annual renewal fees of $595 for Small Companies and Project Developers. USD $1995 per annum with a renewal fee of $995 for Large Corporations and Listed Companies. 

What Carbon Offsets can I buy on Carbon Trade eXchange?

CTX members can buy Carbon Offsets that are certified by the United Nations CDM , Gold Standard, and VERRA VCS.

If you’d like to buy Offsets from CTX or you have questions about any other Offset types, please email

What price are Carbon Offsets on Carbon Trade eXchange?

Prices on the exchange are entirely driven by market supply and demand like the Stock Exchange for shares. Sellers set the price they want for their credits and an ‘in funds’ buyer agrees and buys at that price  

Carbon Offsets start at under $1 and range up to $20.

Contact for more information on Offset prices.

How do I list CDM CERs held in a Kyoto (National) Trading Account?
  1. The minimum listing for CERs is 10,000 credits
  2. Transfer your CERs to the CTX Trading Account within the United Kingdom Registry (Account ID: EU-100-5027412)
  3. Send an email titled CER Listing for [Your CTX Account Number ] to with the following information:
  • Project Registry Link
  • Quantity of Credits
  • Offer Price
  • Currency (EUR/GBP/AUD/USD)
  • CTX Registered Email Address
How do I list CERs that are held in the Pending Account or a Personal Holding Account?

If you hold CERs in a Kyoto Trading account,  please contact 

If you hold CERs in the CDM Central Registry (or “pending account”) please follow these instructions:

1) Join Carbon Trade eXchange at

2) Email your KYC documents to

a) A copy of personal Identification of the Main Account Holder (passport or driving licence)
b) A copy of a bank statement confirming the designated banking details provided on your CTX application (must be less than 3 months old).

3) Email CER Project Details to

a) CDM project number
b) CDM project name
c) Name of focal point entity (Company Name)
d) Name of focal point representative (Individuals Name)
e) Volume of CERs
f) Desired price per unit and Currency (EUR/GBP/AUD/USD):

4) CTX Administrator signs and returns Annex 1 form to authorize listing of your CERs on the Exchange.

5) Sign and send Annex 1 form to

6) Project Focal Point Representative (FP Rep.) submits electronic forwarding request for their CERs to be forwarded to:

a) Project Participant: CDM-CTX-Reserve account (MU)
b) Account Number: CDM 2919
c) Account Type: 100

7) Once the electronic request has been submitted, a signed and scanned copy should be emailed to

a) Please include Project # in email subject line
b) Please send email from account of FP Rep.

8) CDM Registry team will confirm your listing on CTX

How do I list Gold Standard VERs for Sale?

Step 1: Transfer your VERs to the GSF CTX Account (ID 1039322). They will be held in Escrow, remain yours, and can be delisted at any time.

Step 2: Send an email with Your CTX ID in the subject to with the following information:

  • Project Registry Link:
  • Quantity of Credits:
  • Offer Price:
  • Currency (EUR/GBP/AUD/USD):
  • CTX Registered Email Address:

You can change the price of credits that you have listed on CTX by logging into your CTX account and clicking the “edit” button on your listing.

To modify the quantity of a Gold Standard listing on CTX or to request to De-list Gold Standard Credits, the account holder must:

Send an email to indicating the changes required or details of the listing that they wish to withdraw.

How do I list VERRA VCS credits for sale?

Step 1. Transfer your VCU’s to the CTX EMS Verra Registry Account Number 1552 for further transfer to the CTX Sub Account for listing on CTX.

Step 2: Send an email to with the following information:

  • Project ID
  • Project Name
  • Project Type
  • Origin Country
  • Offer Quantity
  • Offer Price 
  • Currency EUR/GBP/AUD/USD
  • Verra Project Registry Link:
  • Your Verra Registry account Name
  • Your Verra Registry Account Nuber
  • CTX Registered Email Address:

You can change the price of credits that you have listed on CTX by logging into your CTX account and clicking the “edit” button on your listing.

To modify the quantity of a Verra VCS listing on CTX or to request to De-list Credits, the account holder must:

Send an email to indicating the changes required or details of the listing that they wish to withdraw.

Do I need a Registry account to buy Credits on Carbon Trade eXchange?

Registries provide the infrastructure required to issue, trace, transfer and retire carbon offsets. They provide attestation of ownership that prevents double-counting.

CTX works with three registry providers – the United Nations, VERRA and the Gold Standard – in order to support trading on its platform.

You do not require a Registry account to use Carbon Trade eXchange, but you may prefer to link your own Registry account if you trade large volumes of Credits. Please contact for further information.


Do I retain ownership of listed Credits?

As detailed in our Terms and Conditions, CTX Account Holders retain contractual ownership of their Credits so long as the Credits are held in our Escrow accounts and their Conditions of Sale have not been met.

Access to CTX Registry Accounts is restricted to CTX staff, Verra staff and Gold Standard registry staff.

How do I buy Credits from the eXchange?

To buy Credits from CTX you must be ‘in funds’.

Next you must select the Listing you want to buy from by clicking the Green Tick.

If the listing is Partial then you will be asked to confirm the Quantity of Units you want to Buy, before entering your Password.

If the listing is Whole then you will be asked to confirm your Password only.

How do I update my Account Balance?

Select one of our four eXchange escrow bank accounts, depending on your chosen currency.

You must use your CTX Account Number as a reference to ensure your funds are correctly allocated to your CTX Account. Please use the full number with no spaces e.g. CTX010610002119.

The amount transferred should be enough to cover the full cost of the credits, your transaction fee, and any bank fee applicable to your transfer. 

Once received your CTX balance will be updated automatically. If you have any questions, please email  


Account No

BSB / Routing / Sort Code

EUR (€)



GBP (£)



AUD ($



USD ($)




If required, the following details are applicable for all four foreign currency accounts: 


Bank Name

Bank Address


Westpac Banking Corporation

80 George Street, Parramatta, NSW Australia 2150


How do I view my Account Balance?

You can view your Account Balance by referring to the ‘My Account’ on the Trade VERs tab

No change to who provides banking interface to carbon trade exchange

Who provides the Banking Interface for Carbon Trade eXchange?

Carbon Trade EXchange banking interface is provided by Westpac Banking Corporation.

Every Member has a CTX Cash Settlement Account in which deposited or earned funds are held in Escrow until the Member executes a trade or requests to withdraw their funds (see “How do I withdraw funds?”).

How do I withdraw funds from my account?

If you would like to withdraw funds from your account please email with your CTX Account ID and the amount of money that you wish to withdraw.

Please note that each withdrawal costs USD $20, to be debited from your CTX Account Balance.

What is a Partial buy/sale?

If the credits you are buying are available for ‘partial sale’ – labelled ‘P’ – you will be asked to enter the number of credits you would like to buy.

You will then be asked to review and confirm your purchase by re-entering your password.

I cannot find the Units I’m looking for – what can I do?

If you can’t see the type of credits you want on the eXchange, or wish to negotiate a price, you have two options:

  1. Post a Bid
  2. Contact our Team

By posting a bid, you are not under any obligation to buy a corresponding offer.

  • Simply select the ‘Add Bid’ button and populate the fields describing what you want.
  • Your bid will be listed in the bid’s column on the trading page, indicating to other members what you are looking for. If a member has credits that meet your requirements, they can list them for you to purchase.

Alternatively, you may call the CTX Sales team who can engage with sellers on your behalf.  Please email with your requirements or call +44 (0)203 598 5890.

How do I Retire or Cancel my Credits?

This varies with each Credit standard. 

For Gold Standard and Verra VCS If you have a Registry Account, then Credit retirement can be done through the registry directly once the purchased credits are transferred to your account.

For CTX CER’s if you have a National Registry account then credits can be transferred to it for you to retire. 

If you do not have a Registry Account then CTX will assist and complete the retirement on your behalf, then requests to Retire/Cancel your Units should be emailed to

How do I view my Offers, Bids and or Trading History?

The transaction log is a table detailing all your trading and activity on the eXchange. It is located under the ‘Transaction Log’ tab.

The transaction log includes the following information:

  • Details of your offers, current and previous.
  • Bids you have listed on the exchange.
  • Executed transactions (details of any sales or purchases you have made).
How do I know if I have bought or sold Credits?

After a transaction has taken place you will receive two emails, in most cases simultaneously:

The first email is a notification of a Sale or Purchase Pending, letting you know that a transaction has taken place.

The second email is the Sale or Purchase Confirmation, confirming the transaction has settled. The Confirmation email will have an Invoice/Trading Statement attached.

I need a formal tax invoice or payment advice slip

Trading Statements provide written confirmations of a transaction for your accounts department. They present information as per your transaction log and can be used as a formal tax invoice or payment advice slip depending on your needs.