Welcome to Carbon Trade eXchange (CTX) Test and Demonstration Platform

This version of the CTX Exchange is designed for use by the CTX Team for sales and trading demonstrations to prospective clients and has been opened to a limited number of Institutional clients who have agreed to use this to finalise the onboarding process to join Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX).

Anyone with access to this platform must have signed a Non-Disclosure and or Non-Compete Agreement with Global Environmental Markets Pty Ltd (GEM) and CTX.

Note: Access is solely on the basis of confidential use and you agree to the CTX Trading rules as if you were a full member – copying data, business systems or reverse engineering of technology would be considered a breach of the NDA and the CTX Rules.

All credits and monies are ‘Virtual’ and not transferable for real cash (money) or any other virtual currency; or otherwise. Credits are not real (although the projects are) and cannot be used as evidence of buying carbon credits or as offsets in any way, shape or form. Any attempt to use the money or credits other than for test or demonstration purposes is fraudulent. Your access will be immediately terminated and could result in reports to relevant authorities.