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The CTX eXchange

How many offsets do I need to purchase?

How does our eXchange work?

Carbon Offsetting with CTX

When IBAC Members purchase and offset on CTX they are directly providing the essential financial support that keeps environmental projects operational, positively affecting the effects of climate change by helping to reduce or avoid GHG emissions.  This voluntarily activity also contributes to progress toward the BACCC goal of Carbon Neutral Growth.

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for CORSIA eligible emission units or general voluntary offsets

But why carbon offset?

How do I calculate carbon footprint?

To work out the number of offsets you need, it’s one simple step on from the process of monitoring your fuel use, which IBAC encourage operators to do as a recommended practice.

If you don’t already monitor your fuel, IBAC and CTX will be able to give you straightforward guidance on how to do this.

ICAO and other agencies tend to measure CO2 in metric tonnes, so it is always recommended that fuel is measured in the same way to enable you to calculate you emissions output from fuel use and be consistent with your measurement practices.

While IBAC and CTX work on a more sophisticated CO2 calculator, we recommend that measurements are done on a flight-by-flight basis and are done as follows; 1 unit of fuel burned creates 3.16 units of CO2. Therefore, if you uplift 2 tonnes of fuel, when burned, that produces 6.32 tonnes of CO2, you will require 6.32 offset units.

How does it work?

How does carbon offsetting work with CTX?

CTX uses a unique online Exchange to connect members to offsets from climate projects that are certified under the world’s three leading carbon credit standards:

  • Gold Standard
  • Verra
  • United Nations Clean Development Mechanism

Unlike other carbon credit brokers, CTX charge a transparent, fixed transaction fee on each credit purchased so you know exactly where your money is going. CTX as an exchange works directly with project developers offering the prices at the wholesale rate. There are no intermediaries between CTX and Project Developers. In fact, while offsetting your carbon footprint on CTX you can be sure that 95% of your offset purchase go directly to Project Developers.

Certified Carbon Trading