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But why carbon offset?

In order to meet environmental carbon targets

A carbon offset is a way to reduce unavoidable emissions. While we all strive to reduce our carbon emissions as much as possible, certain GHG producing activities (e.g. air travel, supply chain, agriculture, data centres) are still essential. Offsetting allows us to mitigate the environmental impact of these activities, by providing a source of finance for carbon reduction projects creating real and additional CO2 reductions along with enabling global transfer of wealth.

An offset can be achieved by purchasing and cancelling carbon credits. 1 carbon credit represents 1 tonne of CO2e reduction – so a business that emits 1000 tonnes of carbon can offset its unavoidable emissions by purchasing and cancelling 1000 carbon credits.

What are voluntary carbon credits?

These are credits for emissions reductions

which have already occurred in a large range of projects globally. We provide the opportunity to buy credits, then cancel them to voluntarily offset emissions, using only recognised credit standards for valid Carbon Credits. This is a vital addition to support the commitments of the Paris Agreement to limit global temperature rises to 1.5c.

Voluntary carbon credits should be used for unavoidable carbon emissions once every effort has been made to reduce emissions. Thanks to our unique online eXchange, finding, purchasing and cancelling carbon credits can be done instantly, securely, transparently and at the right price and cost.

How does our eXchange work?

CTX is an online electronic spot eXchange

allowing buyers and sellers to trade cash for carbon offsets (or credits) in real time. We welcome any registered company that wishes to buy or sell carbon offsets registered under the Gold Standard, VERRA or United Nations CDM.

The benefits of our eXchange


The benefits of our eXchange


The Cost?

What does it cost to join the eXchange?

Membership is USD $1250 per annum, with an annual renewal fee of $595 for Small Companies and Project Developers.

Large Corporations and Listed Companies USD $1995 per annum with an annual renewal fee of $995. 

Why your eXchange?

Market-leading benefits!

Becoming a CTX member, for both buyers and sellers of carbon credits. One of our key considerations is to ensure we make a real impact, that is why we have a minimum trade and retirement of 100 tonnes per trade.

What Can I eXchange?

What Carbon Offsets can I buy on the eXchange?

CTX members can buy Carbon Offsets that are certified by the United Nations CDM , Gold Standard, and VERRA VCS, and other creditable standards under Article 6 of the Paris agreement.