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The whole world is talking about carbon offsetting.
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In our 12 years of operational experience, we have traded over 300 million tonnes of CO2 offsets and showcased over 2,000 projects across our portfolio.

Using this experience, we continue to offer a variety of projects to suit every budget – from individuals wanting to take personal action and responsibility through our Carbon Widget, to SMEs and multi-national organisations who choose to offset their unavoidable emissions.

Whilst we advocate for reducing emissions wherever possible, we understand there will always be a need to offset. This is why we ensure the very highest global standards, meeting regulatory and legislative requirements to lessen our environmental impacts.

How does our eXchange work?

We provide a platform for project developers

collaborating with project developers to deliver the best possible outcomes for our planet, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

World First Web/Cloud-based Exchange Interfaced with Blockchain Registry: BioCarbon Registry – South America’s New Global Credit Standard

Blossoming out of South America, BioCarbon Registry (BCR) recently ‘rebranded’ from ProClima but only the name has changed. Runner up to Verra VCS in the 2021 Environmental Finance Awards for Best GHG program, BioCarbon Registry has developed and continues to develop project standards and methodologies for biodiversity and GHG projects which are committed to long term sustainability. Their standard is applicable to voluntary and regulated markets (in South America) and CTX’s cloud-based infrastructure is now electronically interfaced with BioCarbon Registry’s blockchain technology making it possible to buy their high-quality Verified Carbon Credits (VCCs) electronically 24/7, 365 days.

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CTX Smashes Trading Records of Genuine Offset Sales

In December 2021 over 6,000 CDM Project proponents received emails from the UNFCCC inviting them to list inventory on CTX, to satisfy cashed up buyer demand. Not only CERs but increased treasure troves of Verra VCS and Gold Standard credits have been uncovered and millions of dollars in funds in the CTX Exchange escrow accounts have been flowing to projects and credit owners in a record-breaking quarter.

Buyers on CTX range from large trading houses to small reseller brokers (offsets for smaller companies) to large corporations buying direct. So, these aren’t numbers flipping on a screen – not derivatives or futures, they are verified issued credits being sold to offset emissions.

In addition, CTX signed up over 60 new trading members – buyers and sellers.

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Christmas comes Early for CDM CERs

With a number of large institutional buyers ‘hoarding’ credits from Verra VCS and Gold Standard like Scrooge – it seems it is up to ‘Uncle CDM’ to give project developers the gifts they deserve. Given CTX is a market for genuine Offset buyers (3rd parties) in the absence of what they think are their preferred offsets they will often accept what we can deliver.  For now the CTX Index only shows the last trades (being updated soon) and does not show the exponential rise in credit sales, or the incredible liquidity we have seen lately  where inventory has been on the exchange for less than 24 hours before selling, and sometimes sold minutes after listing. 

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