CTX Voted No. 1 Carbon Credit Exchange For 2023

The world has slowly started taking climate change and is realizing carbon has been a natural killer. While the change is slowly coming in, it is tough to eliminate all the sources of carbon at a go. Hence the concept of carbon credit was bought into the picture so that the companies contributing more to emissions and pollution could invest in carbon-positive ventures through a carbon credit product. While a lot of Carbon credit business happens voluntarily, a few exchanges have made their mark. Here is the list of the best exchanges that one should keep an eye on in 2023.

CTX Voted No. 1 Carbon Credit Exchange For 2023

One of the very early participants in the global carbon market, the Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX), is headquartered in London, England. In contrast to previous carbon exchanges, CTX is a member-based spot exchange that welcomes a wide range of market players. The exchange is used by smaller players like single brokers, mid-size players like project developers, and large-size players like multinational corporations. The exchange has established relationships with various parties in the global carbon ecosystem, including Gold Standard, Verra VCS, and the UNFCCC CDM Registry.

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