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CTX are the world’s first digital carbon offsetting exchange for spot price, voluntary carbon credit trading.


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Our services include the full carbon life cycle, providing expertise and support at every step, inc:



Exchange, Purchase and Cancel Carbon Credits.

We understand offsetting is a last resort and every effort should be to reduce emissions businesses and industries, but if you need to offset, we ensure you have the world’s most responsible options available. 


That’s why our mission is

“To have a life-changing impact on climate change by invigorating action – electronically connecting global buyers and sellers to redefine our world into a clean, green future.”




We have over 10 years of experience

As a digital exchange, we operate globally, 24/7 365 days of the year, with guaranteed delivery of credits and proceeds of sale and continuous trading contract.


Strict certification standards, no counterparty risk


Buy and Sell carbon credits in one marketplace


Exportable data and reports with live market pricing


Cost-effective global maketplace for carbon offsets


Latest Blog Posts

CTX Smashes Trading Records of Genuine Offset Sales

In December 2021 over 6,000 CDM Project proponents received emails from the UNFCCC inviting them to list inventory on CTX, to satisfy cashed up buyer demand. Not only CERs but increased treasure troves of Verra VCS and Gold Standard credits have been uncovered and millions of dollars in funds in the CTX Exchange escrow accounts have been flowing to projects and credit owners in a record-breaking quarter.

Buyers on CTX range from large trading houses to small reseller brokers (offsets for smaller companies) to large corporations buying direct. So, these aren’t numbers flipping on a screen – not derivatives or futures, they are verified issued credits being sold to offset emissions.

In addition, CTX signed up over 60 new trading members – buyers and sellers.

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Christmas comes Early for CDM CERs

With a number of large institutional buyers ‘hoarding’ credits from Verra VCS and Gold Standard like Scrooge – it seems it is up to ‘Uncle CDM’ to give project developers the gifts they deserve. Given CTX is a market for genuine Offset buyers (3rd parties) in the absence of what they think are their preferred offsets they will often accept what we can deliver.  For now the CTX Index only shows the last trades (being updated soon) and does not show the exponential rise in credit sales, or the incredible liquidity we have seen lately  where inventory has been on the exchange for less than 24 hours before selling, and sometimes sold minutes after listing. 

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Carbon Trade eXchange (CTX) = Global central hub for selling wholesale CERs

In the past 3 months sales of CERs on CTX has skyrocketed– both in the CDM Registry and for CTX CERs (located outside the CDM Registry, in one of the National Registries).  As of 29th November, the average Transaction for CDM CERs is over 50,000 credits and for CTX CERs is over 100,000 per trade, despite the range of trades are from micro 100 credits to multiple excess of 250,000 credits.

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