The Aviation Carbon Exchange

via the World's First Electronic Exchange for Carbon Credits

The Aviation Carbon eXchange, or ACE, is now LIVE  as the ‘Landing Page’ for Carbon Trade eXchange and provides access to a global centralized marketplace for CORSIA eligible emission units or general voluntary offsets. Airlines and other aviation stakeholders can trade CO2 emission reductions for compliance or voluntary offsetting purposes 24/7/365 on the ACE platform.

ACE/CTX has access to over 4.5 Million CORSIA eligible offsets as of September 2020 across CDM CER’sGold Standard and Verra (VCS) credit standards and many more millions of voluntary offsets for Airlines and/or client offset programs.

Financial settlement is done via Westpac Banking Corporation – a Moody´s A1 rated Australian bank with a market capitalisation of over $ AUD 65 billion. CTX first interfaced with Westpac in 2010 and has traded over 100 million tons of CO2 offsets during the past 12 years.

The ACE concept was designed by the CTX parent company Global Environmental Markets (GEM) and first presented to the industry body at COP21 in Paris. It was then presented to the entire Aviation sector at the Aviation Carbon conference in London in 2017 and again in 2019. The ACE/CTX platform serves as a centralised exchange marketplace for CORSIA eligible offsets and non-CORSIA emission units and provides a secure and proven platform for airlines to access real-time data with full price transparency.

To register, simply login via the button below and complete your online application form with the discount code ACE-CTX: Once your application has been approved by our compliance department, we will welcome you to trade with us.

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