Net Zero

The whole world is talking about carbon offsetting.
A Net Zero World

A growing number of organizations, cities and countries are talking about becoming carbon neutral

And many such plans are likely to have one thing in common – the presence of a carbon offsetting.

Offsetting and the race to Net Zero

In the bid to be carbon neutral, offsetting plays a valuable role

The more you can do to reduce your carbon footprint the better, obviously. But there will almost certainly be a point where you’ve done all you can but are still leaving a mark.

Net Zero

That’s the point at which you buy into an offsetting scheme to neutralize the effects of your remaining Co2 emissions

A few years ago, that probably would have meant planting trees or investing in a reforestation project. However given the difficulties and lack of transparency of this, you can buy carbon credits from CTX to establish an ongoing programme of carbon offsetting, so that for every action you simply buy credits to cancel out your emissions and fund carbon mitigation projects around the world.

But why carbon offset?

The main human sources of GHG emissions are: fossil fuel use, deforestation, intensive livestock farming, use of synthetic fertilizers and industrial processes.

The principal forcing greenhouse gases are:

Cabon Dioxide CO2

Methane CH4

Nitorus Oxide N20

Fluorinated Gases

Reaching Net Zero

To reach Net Zero

we must aim for a world where the amount of GHGs we produce, is less than or equal to the amount we extract from our environment. 

Our overarching goal is to facilitate reaching Net Zero and by reducing the human-made emissions caused globally each year. In aiming for this, we must reduce emissions within our daily activities at every level, from individual to the world’s biggest companies, to safeguard our planet for future generations. That’s why at CTX, we lead the market for transparent, fair carbon trading, provided verifiable solutions as your last resort.

In doing so, you can be assured you have made the best efforts possible to reducing your carbon footprint and can be confident in demonstrating your actions publicly, without fear of greenwashing. To deliver the future we want, this is essential, which is why we offer our support at every stage of the carbon trading process – doing things right and doing the right thing.