Last 10 trading unit prices – Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) $AUD 4.74, VCS $AUD 1.30, VCS $AUD 5.25, VCS $USD 4.00, VCS $AUD 4.74, VCS €0.35, Gold Standard (GS) €1.40, VCS $USD 0.54, GS €6.00, VCS €2.50
Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) $AUD 4.74, VCS $AUD 1.30, VCS $AUD 5.25, VCS $USD 4.00, VCS $AUD 4.74, VCS €0.35, Gold Standard (GS) €1.40, VCS $USD 0.54, GS €6.00, VCS €2.50

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Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX) operates across three main markets – Carbon, Renewable Energy Certificates and Water.

Carbon Market

Carbon offsets can either be purchased to comply with mandatory carbon regulations, or purchased voluntarily to enable companies to offset their residual emissions to become carbon neutralLog On

REC Market

The trading of RECs provides financial incentives for investment in renewable energy power stations, and for the installation of smaller scale renewable electricity sources such as solar panels. Log On

Water Market

H2OX is a partly-owned associate of CTX, and provides a state-of-the-art exchange built specifically for the secure, transparent and efficient electronic trading of water entitlements and allocations.

Management Team

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    Baden Wright

    Chief Executive Officer

    About Baden Wright

    Baden has a wealth of expertise in the Information Communications Technology (ICT) industry, with over 20 years’ experience across Banking & Finance, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Airlines, Power Utilities and Government. Prior to joining Carbon Trade Exchange, Baden was a Managed Services Consultant for premium brands including Vodafone and Nokia. As CEO, Baden will be responsible for driving the overall strategy and business model of Carbon Trade Exchange.

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    Wayne Sharpe

    Executive Chairman

    About Wayne Sharpe

    Wayne founded the exchange in 2007, designing the technology and infrastructure of the innovative platform, as the first global exchange based on Microsoft Azure cloud technology. Prior to establishing Carbon Trade Exchange, he founded Bartercard, which during his tenure facilitated over $40 billion in trade, via more than 30 million transactions in 20 countries. As Chairman of Carbon Trade Exchange, Wayne oversees the Board and supports national and international strategic developments.

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    Nathan Rockliff

    Chief Operating Officer

    About Nathan Rockliff

    Nathan is a Lawyer dual qualified in both Australia (NSW) and the UK and has been instrumental in the strategic development of Carbon Trade Exchange since it commenced, focused on the design of rules, contracts, operational systems and technology based on his extensive law experience in the corporate finance and M&A sectors. As COO he is now responsible for driving the expansion of Carbon Trade Exchange into international markets.

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    Ben Stuart

    Director of Carbon Strategy

    About Ben Stuart

    Ben has been involved in the Carbon and Environmental markets since 2008 as a broker in London for the EU ETS and UK Power markets trading both spot and future contracts. Ben made the move to Carbon Trade Exchange in 2010, and has been integral to the design and functionality of the Exchange Platform and the key features that differentiate it from other exchanges. As Director of Carbon Strategy, Ben is responsible for sales and trading on the exchange globally across all markets.

  • Testimonial

    Peter Hawkes

    Chief Legal Counsel & Company Secretary

    About Peter Hawkes

    Peter has over 15 years of legal experience and a wealth of expertise in the development and operation of carbon, Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) and water markets in Australia and overseas. Before joining Carbon Trade Exchange, he was a Partner at Herbert Geer and played an integral part in assisting Carbon Trade Exchange with its application for an Australian Market Licence. Peter will be responsible for overseeing the legal and compliance activities of CTX, Government Affairs and implementing Carbon Trade Exchange’s global licensing strategy.

  • Testimonial

    Nicole Favretto

    Marketing Manager

    About Nicole Favretto

    Nicole has extensive experience in the marketing and communications industry, designing and delivering a broad range of multi-channel strategic plans to meet business strategy and support organisational change. Prior to joining Carbon Trade Exchange, Nicole was Marketing Manager at Coutts in London. Nicole will manage the internal and external marketing strategy for Carbon Trade Exchange to support business development across multiple regions and markets.

  • Testimonial

    Scott Hernandez

    Head of Sales & Trading (North America)

    About Scott Hernandez

    Scott has extensive experience in environmental management and business development, including analysis and design of solutions to tackle the complex issues at the centre of business, energy and environmental policy. Prior to joining Carbon Trade Exchange, Scott was Business Development Manager at Climate Action Reserve. Scott is responsible for driving the sales strategy of Carbon Trade Exchange in the US, across both the voluntary and compliance markets, and other emerging environmental markets.

  • Testimonial

    Lee Barton

    Business Systems Manager

    About Lee Barton

    Lee has extensive experience in the exchange industry, implementing and driving a wide range of business-critical initiatives and programmes. Prior to joining Carbon Trade Exchange, Lee worked within the Bartercard Group for over 17 years in Business Administration, Management and Technology roles, with ten of those as the Executive Administration Manager and Director of Bartercard in London, followed by her most recent role in Australia as Senior Manager, where she assisted with the IPO of BPS Technology Ltd on the ASX. Lee will be responsible for implementing and managing business systems and projects for Carbon Trade Exchange across multiple regions and markets.

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  • Testimonial
    Zach Baumer, Climate Program Manager, City of Austin

    “The exchange was very easy to use with clear and transparent information. The CTX staff were always responsive, helpful, and provided excellent customer service to help us achieve our goals”

  • Testimonial
    Eve Buckley, Senior Consultant Corporate Responsibility, PwC

    "CTX had the best price on the projects we requested, were easy to connect with and provided clear and concise information"

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